Development of advanced galvanic surface treatments

R&D in galvanic surface treatments:

  • Development of coatings with increased hardness and wear resistance
  • Development of deposition technology (electrolytic deposition) of advanced Cr6+ surface treatments to reduce corrosion damage of Al, Ti alloys and steels
  • Development and analysis of chromate-free technologies for aviation industry
  • Development of technologies and composition of new anti-ice coatings
  • Development of composite coatings (Zn-PTFE) with low friction coefficient
  • Development of technologies for electrolytic surface treatment of standard composite materials for increased durability and resistance
  • Galvanic coatings
  • Electroless plating
  •  Corrosion resistance verification of the of new surface treatments, see below



  • baths/tubs, mini-galvanic line, sources (potentiostatic, galvanostatic)


Research projects:

  • KOTEPUZN - “Development of complex, environmentally friendly technologies of zinc-based composite surface treatments with low coefficient of friction”,  (2009-2012, MIT – TIP1, project No. FR-TI1/047)
  • NANOKOP - “Development of new composite coatings based on 1D nanoobjects“, (2012-2014, TAČR –ALFA2, project No. TA02010648)
  • NAVODÍKOVÁNÍ - “The development of surface treatment technologies with low levels of hydrogenation”, (2013-2015, TAČR – ALFA3, project No. TA03010844)
  • CVPU – “Surface treatment research centre“, (2014-2019, TAČR – Centra kompetence, project No. TE02000011)
  • Advanced surface treatments“, partial objectives 1-3 (2018-2022, institutional funding MIT, via DKRVO scheme)


Contact persons:

Ing. Martina Pazderová, Ph.D., head of Corrosion and surface treatment department, VZLU
tel: 225 115 136, e-mail:

Doc. Ing. Viktorie Weiss, Ph.D., senior researcher, VZLU
tel: 225 115 208, e-mail: