Design of test equipment for aircraft engines and their components


Design and manufactureof test rigs, testing:

  • Combustion chamber of TJ / TP / TS 100 engines
  • Radial Compressor of M601 engine
  • GE H75 acrobatic air engine oil system
  • Fuel and oil components of aircraft engine assemblies
  • Combustion chamber of GE H80 engine
  • Radial-axial compressor of GE H80
  • Multipurpose test stand for testing gearboxes and load cells
  • Test stand for fuel nozzle characterization using the PDPA system


research projects:

  • AKROBAT -  “Enhanced performance of the GE H75 turboprop engine by the modifications required for an advanced training including aerobatic manoeuvres”, (2016-2019, TAČR-EPSILON, project No.TH02010111)
  • MUTR – “Multipurpose test rig for transmissions gearboxes“, (2016-2020, JU – Clean Sky 2, project No. 717199)
  •  “Technology for modern turbine engines“, partial objective No. 1 (2018-2022, institutional support of MIT ministry, so called “DKRVO)


Contact person:

Ing. Jan Kubata, Head of Engine department, VZLÚ
Tel: +420 225 115 232, cell: +420 721 144 263, e-mail: