Defence and Security

Defence and Safety

"VZLU also cooperates closely with affiliates in the defence industry to foster the development of military grade technology, mainly assisting in aerodynamic design, strength of structures and implementation of advanced materials and technologies.”

In aerodynamics, VZLU offers standard CFD computations and assessments involving under-wing pylon jettison from a military aircraft, and wide variety of other highly specialised tasks useful for the development of advanced military aircraft.

In the area of the strength of structures it is again static and fatigue testing, paralelly to calculations. VZLU performs specific high speed analyses and testing of aircraft structure resistance to bird strike. VZLU also offers variety of simulations of projectile penetration, crash simulations, climatic and mechanical testing of military and security devices. VZLU also designs special composite structures; a representation of this ability is radio-transparent composite fairings and covers used for military radars.

VZLU is active also in security research, participating in the development of unmanned aerial vehicles and systems (UAV/UAS). VZLU’s role is mainly in platform development, utilizing its experience in aerodynamics, strength of structures and composite materials application. VZLU also develops propellers for UAV.

Other VZLU’s activity is modelling of poison gases spreading in case of industrial accidents or potential terrorist attacks. VZLU uses a boundary layer wind tunnel (BLWT) with advanced computational models to simulate the dispersion of hazardous substances in urban areas or over terrain.