Corrosion engineering and surface treatments for power engineering


activities for power industry:

  • Development of new surface protections improving corrosion-mechanical properties of materials used in power engineering
  • Experimental R&D activities aiming at the study of corrosive processes in various environments and subsequent determination of sources and causes of corrosion damage
  • Corrosion studies of wet steam condensation in turbines for geothermal sources
  • Determination of climatic resistance of surface protection and materials used in power engineering
  • Evaluation of the properties of organic surface treatments and modifications
  • Advanced environmentally acceptable chromate-free coatings
  • Elaboration and laboratory verification of new technological techniques for electrolytic deposition of surface treatments



  • Voltalab PGZ 100 potentiostat for electrochemical measurements
  • Machu test for accelerated corrosion test
  • Autoclave (3 bar, 143° C) for high temperature resistance tests


Contact person:

Ing. Martina Pazderová, Ph.D., head of Corrosion and surface treatment department, VZLU
tel: 225 115 136, e-mail: