Cooperation with DAHER KARBOX company

Aeronautical Research and Test Institute (VZLU) tested military container of Daher Karbox company by blowing solid and liquid particles using a fan in the water stream with narrowing and other related technologies. At the same time the stability of the container has been verified.

Sand, dust, ice and water were used during the tests. The aim of the tests was to prove levels of leak sealing of the door trim and of the air conditioning. The resistance of the container to 15 minutes airflow at speeds up to 52 m/s was also verified. Above mentioned liquid and solid particles were added in turn into the airflow.

Solid particles of the substrates were fed through a system of spreading particles on the veneer and water was poured through hose in the same place (the hopper). The stability of the container in case of strong winds has been verified by calculations.

The system functioned smoothly and the tests showed very good resistance of the containers.