Construction Industry

Construction Industry

“VZLU‘s extensive knowledge and experience in the field of aerodynamics, structures integrity and aeroelasticity are used for challenges in the construction industry.”

Capabilities of VZLU in this area are rather unique and their use is relatively new partly due to new legislation and due to tightening construction regulations. These include constructions under substantial wind load (some types of bridges and high-rise buildings or large building complexes), which can be significantly affected by wind conditions in the ground layers.

VZLU’s activities for the construction industry include mainly static and dynamic modelling of wind loading on building structures, prediction of pedestrian wind comfort in larger building blocks, suggestions of wind protection, optimization of building ventilation, simulation of wind conditions etc.

The bridge structure is determined by its behaviour under the wind load. The dynamic response and modal frequency of bridge structures or their models are examined with the help of modern computational tools and experimental verification in an aerodynamic Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel (BLWT). Models of building constructions for wind tunnel measurements are produced at VZLU or in cooperation with other partners.

VZLU is cooperating on the development of load bearing composite structures used in construction. It focuses in particular on the strengthening of reinforced concrete structures with polymer composite materials containing carbon and glass fibres. Material analysis and stress tests are part of the research and development activities.

As in other areas, the main benefit of VZLU is in combining analytical methods (calculations) with experimental methods; isolated solutions using only analytical methods, despite all the advances in the development of specialized software, are without experimental verification less conclusive.