China opens sky for private flying

China opens sky for private flying

Increased interest in private flying in China could be the big opportunity for Czech aircraft manufacturers. Starting next year, the Chinese air space should be open for private aircrafts.

"If this happens in China it will be big change. However lets assume that it will be gradual " said Viktor Kucera. Technical director of Aerospace Research and Test Establishment for TV news. The full report be viewed here.

According to research of agency Hairum, 13 % of Chinese millionaires are planning to buy their own airplane. This could become China's second largest market in the world. Recently the U.S. market is first, where over 40% of ultralights comes from the Czech Republic.

Chinese airspace is currently managed by State only and for each private flight must be issued permission from Army. Opening the airspace would undoubtedly be a great chance of sales for the Czech small aircraft´s manufacturers. The quality of our ultralights and sport aircrafts abroad is considered as world leader .