Chemical analyses of materials and liquids

analyses of materials and liquids:

  • Macroscopic and microscopic evaluation of materials
  • Colour metallography of metallic materials
  • Chemical analysis of galvanic baths (both titration and spectrophotometric)
  • Non-destructive analysis of the chemical composition of materials using a hand-held X-ray spectrometer
  • Determination of metals in liquid samples (ED-XRF)
  • Determination of the chemical composition of Fe, Al and Cu based materials by spectral analysis based on optical emission spectrometry (OES)
  • Determine the degree of contamination of operating fluids - the number and size of particles according to the relevant standards
  • Microscopic analysis - ultrafilter filtering, high-quality microphotography



  • Handheld Delta Professional ED-XRF spectrometer
  • BAIRD-Foundrymate (USA) optical emission spectrometer with two optical systems with a focal length of 0.75 m (air) and 0.5 m (vacuum)
  • UV Helios
  • PAMAS SBSS operating fluid measurement equipment - NAS 1638 calibration (after recalibration in ISO 4406), laminar box TELSAR AH-100
  • Arsenal LPT 2013-T photomicroscope


Contact persons:

Ing. Martina Pazderová, Ph.D., head of Corrosion and surface treatment department, VZLU
tel: 225 115 136, e-mail:

Doc. Ing. Viktorie Weiss, Ph.D., senior researcher, VZLU
tel: 225 115 208, e-mail: