CFD calculations and simulations

Development of vortex structure behind vortex generator HELIX project

CFD services and codes development:

  • CFD analyses (Computational Fluid Dynamics)
  • Complex solutions of 2D and 3D flows
  • External and internal aerodynamics
  • Steady and unsteady analyses
  • Compressible, incompressible, subsonic and supersonic flows
  • Laminar and turbulent flows
  • Multi-phase flows
  • Aerodynamic optimizations
  • Development of SW tools for modelling of boundary layer transition
  • High fidelity numerical simulations of viscous compressible flows
  • Development of tools and methods for CFD-CSM coupling optimization analyses
  • Software and code development for aeroservoelasticity



Geometry preparation:


Mesh generation:

  • Pointwise, ANSA, ICEM CFD
  • In-house specific software for mesh generation
  • Structured, unstructured, hybrid meshes


  • Solution of complete Navier-Stokes equations by: STAR-CCM, OpenFOAM
  • In-house solvers (Euler, Navier-Stokes equations)

High-performance computing clusters:

  • 640 CPU cores, 576 GB RAM, Myrinet/Ethernet


research projects:

  • CLKV – “Centre for aerospace research” (2005-2011, MŠMT- Centres)
  • CESAR – “Cost Effective Small AiRcraft“, (2006-2010, 6th Framework program of EU, project No. 30888)
  • CARD - Contribution to Analysis of Rotor Hub Drug reduction (2009-2011, JU Clean Sky)
  • GREEN-WAKE – “Demonstration of LIDAR Based Wake Vortex Detection System Incorporating an Atmospheric Hazard Map“, (2008-2011, 7th Framework program of EU, project No. 213254)
  • MISTRAL – “Small military transport aircraft (2011-2015, MIT ministry-TIP programme, project No. FR-TI3/333)
  • ESPOSA -  „Efficient Systems and Propulsion for Small Aircraft“,   WP6.2 – Reliable design methodology for aerodynamic engine/airframe integration, (2011-2015, EC, 7th Framework program of EU, project No. 284859)
  • AFLONEXT – “2nd Generation Active Wing – Active Flow- Loads & Noise control on next generation wing“, (2013-2018,EC, 7th Framework program of EU, project No. 604013)
  • INAFLOWT – “INnovative Actuation Concepts for Engine/Pylon/Wing Separation FLOw Control (Design, Build and Wind Tunnel Test)“, (2017-2020, JU Clean Sky2, project No. 754307)
  • AStRA – “Advanced Composite Structure for Perspective Regional Aircraft, (2018-2020,  MYES - Program Inter-Excellence, project No. LTARF18040)
  • UHURA - ”Unsteady High-Lift Aerodynamics – Unsteady RANS Validation”, (2018-2021, EC, H2020 of the EU, project No. 769088)
  • IAEROM - “Aeromechanics for transport vehicles of 21st century“, partial objective No. 3 (2018-2022, institutional funding from MIT ministry – so called “DKRVO” )


contact person:

Ing. Petr Vrchota, PhD., Head of Aerodynamics, VZLU
tel: +420 225 115 260, e-mail:



  • Tomáš Čenský, Erik Ritschl, Petr Vrchota: CFD INVESTIGATION OF FLOW FIELD BEHIND THE WING TIP WITH THE WINGLET. XX Congresso NAzionale AIDAA, Milano, Italy; 06/2009