CESAR - integrated project 6.RP EU (2006-2010)

In 2006, the Association of the Aviation Manufacturers of the Czech Republic (ALV) initiated preparations for an extensive international project concentrated on the needs of the aviation industry in the area of small regional aircraft. A major role was played by the ALV president, Ing. Milan Holl, CSc., whose active approach succeeded in preparing conditions for the project. Most of the coordination activities during the preparation phase were performed by the Professional Contact Organization – Aviation and Space Research at the Aeronautical Research and Test Institute (VZLU) (OKO LKV, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MEYS) project OK449/470). The project proposal was prepared by an international team led by Ing. Karel Paiger from the Aeronautical Research and Test Institute.

The project proposal designated CESAR was submitted for the Sixth Framework Programme of the EU (6th FP EU) and approved for financing by the European Commission. The project was planned for last three and a half years with a budget of almost EUR 34 million, with a grant of over EUR 18 million. 39 organisations from 14 European countries participated in the project. 11 organisations from the Czech Republic took part, with one of them, the VZLU, was the project coordinator.

The project was concentrated on the area of small transport aircraft for 5 to 15 passengers; it is a segment of the so-called general aviation. Research and development activities focused on the development process of aircraft of this category with the aim to lower development costs by 20% and shorten the time-to-market from the average 6 years to 4 years.

The technical aspect of the project was aimed at improving development tools in the area of aerodynamics and aircraft construction. The project also concerned selected aircraft systems that have a major influence on lowering operational costs and improving passenger transport safety. It is primarily concerned with research on and development of technologies for a new turbo-propeller unit, utilisation of advanced electro-hydraulic and electro-mechanical actuators in mechanical systems of small aircraft, development of a reliable air system for aircraft cabins, and the introduction of a modern predictive state-based diagnostics which makes the process of aircraft maintenance significantly more effective.

The CESAR is, to a certain point, a unique project. It was the first time in the history of the Framework Programmes that a topic concerning small aircraft had been opened to financing, and the first time that an integrated project of this scope was led by an organisation from a “new” EU member state.

The CESAR project was concluded in February 2010 and it is already clear it will not remain the only one and will be followed by other similar projects. The final CESAR Publishable Activity Report submitted to the European Commission after the end of the project you can download HERE.

More information: www.cesar-project.eu


In January 2008, the European Commission approved a special agenda with a full recognition of general aviation as an important branch of industry that contributes significantly to employment, professional knowledge, technological innovation, and economic revenues of the EU, including export. The European Commission proposed to integrate general and business aviation into the overall transport policy of the EU. That is a very positive message for the Czech Republic, as general aviation has traditionally been a segment favoured by the Czech aviation industry.



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