Certification tests of L-39NG continue in VZLU.


VZLU (Czech Aerospace Research Centre) took over from the Aero Vodochody AEROSPACE the second prototype of L-39NG with the designation 7002 for certification tests. The aircraft, which has been transported to Letňany in several subassemblies (front and middle fuselage, rear fuselage with vertical stabilizer, wing, canopy), is subjected to static tests of the airframe. Between the tests also the strength and stiffness test of the mechanical control system of the airplane will take place. During this testing period, which will last about a year, the following certification tests will be carried out in VZLU:

In the assembly of complete airframe (so called floating state) the basic tests for verifying the static strength of the whole airframe will be performed up to limit load including cases with overpressure in the cabin.

In the assembly of the complete airframe fixed by the landing gear, the tests of static strength and stiffness of the whole mechanical control system of the airplane will be performed, including elevator, rudder, ailerons, air brakes and trailing edge flaps.

Furthermore, after the wing is detached from the fuselage, the fuselage and wing will be installed in individual rigs, and further test cases will be performed up to ultimate load or failure; these test cases include, for example, verification of the static strength of the engine bed, the attachment of pilot seats, the load from the tail, attachment of the landing gear, weapon pylons, etc.

Strength tests are part of the wider cooperation between VZLU and Aero in the development and testing of the L-39NG.