Centrifugal compressor "Drakula"

VZLU in their motor testing laboratories has launched a unique source of compressed air CCAE 6-43.

VZLU needs for its ambitious experiments in the field of gas turbine engines powerful source of compressed air. In the tender was awarded the contract for this special compressor COMOTI Romanian company which has a long tradition in the design of centrifugal and screw compressors, including their serial deliveries to foreign customers.

Compressed air CCAE 6-43 itself consists of a two-stage centrifugal compressor, which is driven via a mechanical linkage asynchronous electric motor with a maximum output of 315 kW. The speed of both compressors are about 40,000 RPM . The compressor is equipped with a self- regulatory system.

The machine will be used for solving challenging domestic and international research projects. For example in the EU project ESPOSA is being developed new combustion chambers. Furthermore, it will be a source of compressed air used for research and development work with leading domestic manufacturers of aircraft engines and turbine machinery.

Informal Working designation " Dracula " won the five-ton machine not only because of his Romanian origin, but also because of its size and impressive performance parameters .

The parameters of the compressor:

The output pressure of 5 to 7.7 bar

Airflow max 700 g / s

Outlet air temperature 320 ° C max

The total weight of 5,200 kg