Celebration of 45th anniversary of the take-off L-410

anniversary of take-off L410

Company Aircraft Industries this year celebrates the 45th anniversary of the legendary aircraft take-off L-410. 

The grand reunion and facotory tour was also attended by VZLU´s representatives. 

VZLU has cosiderable interest in development of this aircraft. At the end of the 70´s arised a demand for modern turbo-propeller aircraft, which is also the mentioned L-410. In cooperation with Avia, Motorlet and Let Kunovice was developed in VZLU duralumin propeller V-510 M-601E engine, which is used in the L-410. It became the best seller in the propellers in the world. 

After this period there was a new phase in the transition to composite materials in line with the global trend. 

According to data since 1969 Aircraft Industries produced more than 1,100 aircrafts series L-410. 

Aircraft Industries is going to launch this year a prototype of upgraded L-410 "new generation". Its modernization would not be complete without strength tests conducted by VZLU.