Calculations and numerical simulation tools for internal flow in gas turbine engines

R&D in the field of calculations and simulations:

  • Development of tools for aerodynamic design of compressor and turbine radial wheels optimized for aviation applications
  • Calculation and simulation of flow in blade machines (gas turbines), utilization of the latest models of boundary layer transitions a models of LES flow
  • Software development to calculate the non-stationary behavior of compressor radial wheel of GTE based on RANS / LES approaches, including  calculation the occurrence of shock waves in channels at high compression
  • Software development for automatic mesh generation of for CFD simulations of flow in circular wheel of radial compressor 
  • Development of software for compressor wheel design respecting non-stationary compressor behavior in transient and extreme modes
  • Computations in the area of turbine vanes including experimental validation



  • Wide platform of OpenFOAM-based solvers, including development of in-house solvers designed to address flow in a wide range of speeds (AUSM + upDyMFoam) and reactive flow (MRSTsFoam)
  • Software for aerodynamic design of the radial compressor impeller - VKK-VZLU
  • ATS-MXP software for static turbulent flow calculation in an axial turbine stage


Research projects:

  • ESPOSA -  „Efficient Systems and Propulsion for Small Aircraft“,  (2011-2015, EC – 7FP EU, project No. 284859)
  • LEMCOTEC – “Low Emissions Core-Engine Technologies“, (2011-2017, EC – 7FP EU, project No.283216)
  • Technologies for modern gas turbine engines“, partial objective 1 (2018-2022, institutional funding MIT via “DKRVO” )


contact person:

Ing. Jan Kubata, Head of Engine department, VZLU
Tel: +420 225 115 232, cell: +420 721 144 263, e-mail: