AVO meeting in VZLU

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Representatives of the Association of Research Organizations (AVO) with prof. Jitka Moravec and prof. Vaclav Havlicek met in VZLU in July to discuss the preparation of a new methodology for evaluation of research organizations which are created within the IPN Methodology. The new methodology should replaced  in the next three years the current one. 

Deputy Minister for Higher Education and Research Jaromír Veber signed on May 29, 2014 agreement with Technopolis Limited of the United Kingdom, which shall prepare a draft of a new system of evaluation and funding of research and development in the Czech Republic. This new methodology should be ready next year in May. It will be created by representatives of universities, the Academy of Sciences and Industry and the changes should therefore take place within a broad agreement. 

First working version of the new methodology will be done in October. It will then be sent for comments to the public debate. After the new year, we held a small pilot test. This will be done in each of around 10-12 branches on three types of research organizations - universities, institutes of the Academy of Sciences and members of the AVO. 

Not to cause major problems with new methodology, all participants agreed that the current methodology should be gradually adjust to the point where everyone will be sutisfied. AVO fights against the current methodology for long time, they even prepared their own methodology, which is available for download on www.avo.cz.  AVO will actively participate on creation of new methodology.