Aerodynamic work for railway industry

Měření v aerodynamickém tunelu nízkých rychlostí

aerodynamics for railway transport:

  • Development of interactive wind map for  TEN-T (Trans-European Transport Networks)  and for VRT (national high-speed railway)
  • Application of AFC to increase cross wind stability of the trains
  • Numerical simulation of the cabin ventilation and passengers comfort
  • Development of special SW to design and simulate of the AFC actuators
  • Numerical and experimental investigation of cross wind effect and Cross-Wind-Curves (CWC) of the high-speed trains
  • Theoretical and experimental assessment of railway vehicles´ impact on the environment
  • Numerical simulations of HVAC systems (heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning)


  • Software LokoMAT - simulation of compressed air in locomotive
  • Software SCENT-I  - simulation o wind flow conditions nearby railway corridors
  • In-house CFD software
  • Low-speed windtunnel

research projects:

  • Locomotive cabins” – (2013-2015, TAČR-ALFA, project No. TA03030465)
  • CKDV – “Competence Centre for Railway Vehicles” (2012-2019, TAČR-Centres of Competence, project No.TE01020038)
  • IAEROM - “Aeromechanics for transport vehicles of 21st century“, partial objective No. 3 (2018-2022, institutional funding from MIT ministry – so called “DKRVO” )

contact person:

Ing. Petr Vrchota, PhD., Head of Aerodynamics, VZLU
tel: +420 225 115 260, e-mail: