Aerodynamic measurements of a train unit FLIRT

LogoMotive, German company that provides engineering computing services, has ordered aerodynamic measuring of a train unit FLIRT (Fast Light Innovative Regional Train) for its client the Swiss company Stadler.

Train unit model was produced at a scale of 1:16 and has been tested in a wind tunnel LSWT of 3 meters in diameter. Train unit was tested in two aerodynamic modifications and the aerodynamic forces during crosswind have been measured. These results were then used by LogoMotive. The company provides documents for the certification of train units FLIRT. One of the points of certification has been that there will be no chance of train rollover due to adverse crosswind in an unfavourable combination with centrifugal forces during cornering. Such a train rollover accident has happened due to crosswinds several times already in Germany, and therefore Deutsche Bahn office always requires certification of the aerodynamic characteristics during a crosswind.