Aero and VZLU received subvention from the TREND program


The project Proof of L-39NG airframe with tripled fatigue life, prepared by Aero in cooperation with the Czech Aerospace Research Centre is going to be subvented by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic through the TREND program. The project has received subvention with the entire amount requested, ie a total of CZK 64,200,000.

TREND is a program of the Ministry of Industry and Trade that aims to support research, experimental development and innovation from public funds. The main aim of the program is to increase the international competitiveness of the Czech companies, especially by expanding to foreign markets and enhancing the market position.

“Receiving full subvention from the TREND program is result of an effective and long-term cooperation between VZLU and Aero Vodochody on the development of the L-39NG. The planned lifetime of the aircraft´s airframe will be three times longer than the original version, this result is only possible because of the advanced construction and material knowledge of the development team,” says Jan Kubata, director of the division Aviation from the Czech Aerospace Research Centre.

At the turn of the year, Aero has completed the fourth prototype of the new aircraft (7003) on which fatigue tests will be performed at VZLU. These tests will experimentally verify and further refine the results of the previous applied research and development made on the aircraft´s airframe. Based on results it will be possible to specify the lifetime of the aircraft´s new generation airframe. The first experiment - the horizontal tail test - will begin at the end of January 2020.