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The European Windtunnel Association known by the acronym EWA is a Network of Excellence for aeronautical applications and advanced measuring technologies funded by the European Commission under its Sixth Framework Programme.

The network consists of 14 member organizations from 8 European countries, including 3 industrial organizations who operate and/or use wind tunnels, 3 commercial wind tunnel operators, 7 research organisations and one organisation for post-doctoral education. VZLU is on of the EWA member.

The aim behind EWA is to integrate and strengthen European Aeronautical Research by building lasting relationships and inter-dependencies between the major European wind tunnel operators and developers of advanced measuring technologies.

The wind tunnels of the EWA members are of vital importance for industrial wind tunnel testing for aeronautics in Europe. In addition 5 members are leading European developers of advanced measuring technologies for wind tunnels.

The range of members involved will enable them to offer to researchers and the global aerospace industry a comprehensive set of services. It will also enable researchers to bring new experimental techniques into operation in industrial wind tunnels much faster than in the past.

Methods for harmonising standards and for assessing the quality of experimental simulation as well as methods to harmonise wind tunnel test techniques will be developed jointly by the members. This will provide considerable improvements in data quality and in cost reduction for wind tunnel testing.

More informatio on http://www.ewa.aero/index.php?id=22



The core activities will be complemented by information exchange with industrial end users, with SME’s for manufacturing wind tunnel models and/or instrumentation, with universities for training students and for developing new measuring technologies and by training and exchange of personnel.

EWA has a uniform and cohesive management structure and a technical organisation to execute a joint programme of activities aimed at achieving the project objectives.

Discussions regarding the formation of EWA began in December 2002 in reply to a Call for Proposals from the European Commission for Integrating and Strengthening the European Research Area. The project officially started on 1st April 2004 and is planned to extend over five years following a four phase approach (Preparation, Harmonisation, Implementation, Presentation of Integration)



Ing. Zdeněk Pátek, CSc.
manger for EWA project at VZLU
e-mail: patek@vzlu.cz
phone: +420 225 115 124