List of patents as registered with the Czech Republic Patent Office (Úřad průmyslového vlastnictví České republiky). 



No.: Patent No.: Title: Author(s), title

No. 295 752
EP 1 516 599
(patent is run by VŠCHT; VZLU is co-author)


Deicing means with minimum corrosiveness and friendly to environment Efficient de-icing means with minimum corrosive effects and simultaneously friendly to environment. Designed for external surface de-icing such as roads or runways.
2. No. 300 633

Patent application no.: PV 2006-450
Way of creating primer with detection grid for photogrammetric measurement Primer with detection grid for photogrammetric measurement is so created that computer first generate a detection grid, the grid is then printed on primer and then the primer is transferred to measured subject.

no. 302895 Patent application no.: PV 2010-217

Way of composite coating application used for materials surface protection