Aircraft propellers 

VZLU provides comprehensible services in the field of aircraft propellers. 

The VZLU V331-3NS propeller with wooden blades
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Ing. Matěj Hraška 
Head of Composite Technologies
Tel: +420 225 115 502

Aicraft propellers

VZLU provides comprehensible services in the field of aircraft propellers, covering activities from preliminary studies via design and development up to certification tests and series production.
The applications concerned include advanced materials and technologies including composites.

  • Modern propeller power plant studies 
  • Propeller optimization for various applicatiuons 
  • Propeller aerodynamic and strength calculations 
  • Tests of propellers and their parts 
  • Manufacturing technology development 
  • Consultancy 
  • Prototype and series production in spin-off VZLU Technologies, a.s.
  • In-house design and development capacities 
  • Aircraft propeller lab 
  • Facilities to manufacture wood, metal and composite propellers

  • Aircraft propellers manufacturers 
  • Aircraft engine makers 
  • Aircraft manufacturers
The VZLU V332-3B with composite blades