Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel BLWT 

BLWT in Prague is designed to test wind load of buildings and bridges, pedestrians´ weather comfort simulation, propagation of dust emissions and hazardous stuff in urban agglomerations. 

Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel BLWT
  • Boundary layer simulation for three terrain categories (to ČSN EN 1991-1-4, category II farm land, category III front-urban terrain, and category IV urban terrain) 
  • Design and manufacture of scale models for measurement in BLWT 
  • Static and dynamic wind load measurement 
  • Measurement of wing induced load acting on pedestrians (pedestrian comfort) in complicated topology 
  • Measurement of wind force fields around tested subjects 
  • Measurement of emission scatter over terrain modeled 
  • Flow visualization

Tunnel with simulated atmospheric boundary layer (Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel) 

  • Atmospheric boundary layer simulation for II., III., IV. terrain categories to ČSN EN 1991-1-4 
  •  Tunnel working section 16 m x 1.8 m x 1.5 m


  • Three-channel hot wire anemometer DANTEC Dynamics 
  • Advanced pressure gauge system to measure up to 96 channels 
  • PIV system to determine wind stream fields 
  • Flame ionizing chambers to measure emission scatter 
  • Speed cameras with recording frequency up to 65 kHz 
  • Helium bubbles generator for flow visualization

  • Civil engineering designers 
  • Civil defence institutions 
  • Organization involved in analyzing weather conditions as requested by power engineering, town planning, agriculture and forestry 
  • Forensic experts in building industries